Jacques Paul Grivaz

On this site, you will find a precis of music pedagogy. In the future, other elements, such as scores and recordings, will be added.


Jacques Paul Grivaz, born in 1936, holds diploma of composition, singing and singing teaching from the Ribeaupierre institute, Lausanne, Switzerland. He has taught at Montreux academy, Yverdon teacher school, secondary schools of Orbe and Lausanne, and High teaching school of the canton of Vaud. During these years, a has carried out a reflection on rhythm and voice acquisition techniques. Now retired, he is devoting himself to composition and teaching.

Jacques Paul Grivaz has composed many teaching oriented pieces (piano pieces, various arrangements, musical and a mass for children). He has also created general works, in particular a quartet for harp, an arrangement for the inauguration of the Olympic Museum, lots of pieces for instrumental ensembles, as well as organ and vocal works.